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Back in 2020, in the heart of the global pandemic, Arj started the ArjSpeaks Podcast to encourage young people on the path to entrepreneurship. Guests on the podcast have gone on to win awards and raise millions of $ in funding! Have a listen to enter into some deep conversations about the journey of entrepreneurship instead of the end destination.

  • Episode 11: The Real Black Panther ft. Velani Mboweni

    Happy New Year! Welcome to 2021! You’ve heard me say a lot of things throughout the Podcast so far, today, my role model says them without me having asked him to. He’s won the Best Start-up in Africa Award and is revolutionizing the world as we speak. The co-founder and CEO of Lula! Join us… Read more

  • Episode 10: Alicia Keys? Sorry, I mean Charli Elle.

    We’ve hit the milestone of 10 Episodes! What a way to ring it in. I speak with my life-long friend Carlota Lopes who is making major inrodes into the Entertainment Industry! She has an absolute powerhouse of vocal chords and you will find out why towards the end of the episode. We get an exclusive… Read more

  • Episode 9: Dexter’s Forbes ft. Shing Yue Sheung

    Want to know what it takes to get onto the Forbes 30 under 30 list? Well listen in! I speak with Shing Yue Sheung the Co-founder and COO of Navi Medical Technologies. A Med-Tech start-up that is redefining how we bring new life into our beautiful earth! We explore and unpack entrepreneurship and how Shing… Read more

  • Episode 8: Wanda Vision. ft. Ali Noura and Imana Sabrina

    Here it is! In this Episode I’m grateful to discuss the road to founding Bridging Us! A Co-Design Policy Consultancy bridging the gap between young people and decision makers! M. Williamson once said: Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. Ali and Nana… Read more

  • Episode 7: Mzansi Woman ft. Thato Napo

    I’m going to let this Episode and my guest, one of the most accomplished women I know to speak for themselves. We tackle topics that are regarded as taboo in conventional society and how being the voice for the voiceless can really create an impact! Thank you to South Africa for making me the person… Read more

  • Episode 6: Back to the future. 4. ft. Nathaniel Diong

    Want to know what it takes to touch the lives of 11,000 young people and host a Hackathon with the UN. Yes, the UN. Well, thats just one of the things my guest this week has accomplished. Nathaniel Diong thank you so much for your time and for sharing your golden trinkets of wisdom and… Read more

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