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Back in 2020, in the heart of the global pandemic, Arj started the ArjSpeaks Podcast to encourage young people on the path to entrepreneurship. Guests on the podcast have gone on to win awards and raise millions of $ in funding! Have a listen to enter into some deep conversations about the journey of entrepreneurship instead of the end destination.

  • Episode 17: The Avenger’s Initiative ft. Rayan Garg

    I am so humbled that The Arj Speaks message is spreading far and wide. My guest today hails from the United States and is a mutual connection from our extensive network of incredible young change makers. It is riveting to find out that we exist in an age where technology allows me to manage my… Read more

  • Episode 16: The Force Awakens ft. Teeshal Bal

    The First Official ArjSpeaks collaboration! So excited to announce that Teeshal Bal the founder of Grit Leadership an NFP Social Enterprise providing professional leadership and development programs for millennials is offering ArjSpeaks listeners 30 minutes of her time for FREE! You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to gain an incredible Mentor!  We… Read more

  • Episode 15: Sa Re Ga Ma Pa ft. Archana Ravi

    I’m just going to leave this one here because the vocal’s speak volumes! Such an incredible episode with such important lessons that we can all employ in our lives. It was such a pleasure to have Archana on the podcast to share her incredible story! I hope you enjoy it.   I guess, what I… Read more

  • Episode 14: Falcon and The Winter Soldier ft. Luke Karabatsos and James Hatchman

    We’re back at it and our first port of call is not to only raise awareness about Mental Health but do something about it too. The ArjSpeaks Podcast is so grateful to have sat down with the founders of Voice of Health, Luke Karabatsos and James Hatchman which is a leading Australian Mental Health start-up… Read more

  • Episode 13: The Amazing Spiderman ft. Joshua Minsk

    Originally from the UK, he found himself in South Africa and would always speak of an innovative future, one without barriers and one fuelled by tech and efficiency, little did I know that he would manifest this future for himself. Also, he’s 22 and has created a 7 figure business.  I take to Elon Musk’s… Read more

  • Episode 12: Wakanda – A State of Mind ft. Ruby Chikwiri

    “Its okay to not know where you’re going. Be kind to yourself and lean in to your emotions.” Just some of the key messages imparted by this week’s guest! Ruby Chikwiri the founder of the #DressAGraduate Movement in South Africa and a enterprising woman from a very young age. Learn some key lessons on Leadership… Read more

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