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Arjun “Arj” Agarwal

How a 3rd culture immigrant is trying to change the world.

Indian born.
South African bred.

Australian brawn.

Arj at a glance:

  • $500m in deal flow closed
  • $30m raised
  • $300k funds managed
  • 1,000+ young people mentored
  • 20+ founders and startups advised
  • 10+ organisations supported in delivering youth empowerment

Arj is a financial and investment executer with a proven track record of going above and beyond in every endeavour. An ardent networker with enviable people skills, Arj is one of the most eloquent advocates for changing the status quo.

A solutions-focused operations lead with a knack for quickly identifying the root cause of problems, Arj is an adept and efficient problem solver.

Arj was the youngest investment Banker at Investec when he joined the Bank and went on to help multiple businesses build in-house solutions for various operational inefficiencies across 3 continents. He is passionate about using his financial and investment knowledge to drive positive impact through society-aligned financial services and investing.

Arj is a TEDx speaker, has over half a billion dollars in closed deal flow and has helped raise $30m for game-changing businesses.

Amongst his various hats, Arj currently spearheads operations at Inaam and Maslow to make sure all the pieces of the puzzle come together, and he does so with enviable efficiency. Arj’s business interests represent all-round exposure to the financial services industry and involve rebuilding this industry – a lot can go wrong – Arj is well equipped to grab hold when it does and steer the ship in the right direction.

Further, Arj has experienced life at both ends of the wealth spectrum and his understanding of both make him a valuable financial services professional and advocate for change to further a global mission to rebuild financial services to include all people. 

Every role Arj has undertaken has had an underlying social cause attached to it, his life’s mission is to make sure no one else has to undergo the challenges he and his family have had to face and for that Arj is willing to go to zero.

Book Arj for your next event to hear how a life full of adversities can actually help transform impossible, to possible.

Arj Agarwal
Co-founder and CEO

Arj is really passionate about using his financial and investment knowledge to propagate positive impact through investing.

Arj is based in Melbourne and is currently building Inaam and Maslow whilst working in Strategy for the Federal Government of Australia in the National Disability Insurance Agency.

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