Episode 17: The Avenger’s Initiative ft. Rayan Garg

I am so humbled that The Arj Speaks message is spreading far and wide. My guest today hails from the United States and is a mutual connection from our extensive network of incredible young change makers. It is riveting to find out that we exist in an age where technology allows me to manage my podcast entirely virtually from my room, which has connected guests from 5 continents, crossed 1,000 listens and today incredible inspirations are reaching out to share their story on the Arj Speaks Podcast from across the globe from an entirely different timezone. We’re going from AEST to Pacific Standard Time for this one, from Melbourne to San Jose get excited! 

We speak with Rayan Garg who is using Technology as his secret weapon in the fight against the COVID19 Pandemic.

Well there you have it, a young shining star, lighting up the lives and saving lives of so many people. I’m always taken a back by how much young people can achieve together. Rayan keep pushing on and being a beacon of light for young people across the globe. Barack Obama very rightfully said, “the future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create.”

Until next time.



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