Episode 13: The Amazing Spiderman ft. Joshua Minsk

Originally from the UK, he found himself in South Africa and would always speak of an innovative future, one without barriers and one fuelled by tech and efficiency, little did I know that he would manifest this future for himself. Also, he’s 22 and has created a 7 figure business. 

I take to Elon Musk’s quote here: Don’t confuse schooling with education, I didn’t go to Harvard, but the people that work for me, did.” I think when it comes to finding inspirations in our world that is littered with challenges today from the COVID-19 pandemic, hunger, poverty, leaders like Donald Trump, people like Joshua Minsk are a ray of hope. For those nerds out there, Josh Minsk, is our New Hope. I certainly am left in awe with all that he has achieved in such a short span of time and will continue to watch closely for all that he is yet to achieve, Josh, you have a few extra years on me to get onto that Forbes list, lets make sure we do it together! 

I’ll close today with a quote from Einstein, “try not to become a man of success, rather become a man of value”




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