Arj Agarwal

ArjunArj” Agarwal is the co-founder and CEO of Inaam an Australian Impact Investing fintech. He is a TEDx Speaker and a globally recognised entrepreneur and leader having worked across 3 continents. At 26, Arj is a social impact advocate working to bridge the global gap between, capital, young people and entrepreneurship, for a better tomorrow.

Want to work with Arj?

“The world isn’t going to change itself – might as well give it a shot?”

Arj Agarwal

Keynote and Guest Speaker

Arj’s knack for finding relatability to any crowd he engages through his worldly adventures and experiences is well sought after. Global accolades and recognition allow him to package his experiences into bite sized nuggets that elevate audiences with inspiration to go out and get the job done. Book him now and lead your audiences to reach their full potential. Today, tomorrow and forever.

Master of Ceremonies (MC)

After globally MC’ing for crowds of over 10,000, Arj has the pedigree, zest, and experience to keep your event an affair to be remembered by all your guests. Being an experienced public speaker there is no crowd too big or too small for Arj to steer your event on track and to be delivered as well as you’ve endeavoured it to be. Get Arj to MC your event and watch your ship sail on smooth waters.

Social Impact and Fintech Specialist

Arj is a recognised startup ecosystem leader and supporter. He is a CEO and has been a natural leader throughout all his roles in the public, private and government sector. Arj’s experience, network, and perspective is sure to lend you a wider canvas to paint your dreams. His ability to navigate the toughest of challenges and persevere will equip you to achieve your goals with confidence and finesse. Book him now to take the next step.

Global Leaders that Arj has worked with:

“Arj has the innate ability to captivate audiences eloquently, enthusiastically, and emotionally by sharing ideas, insights and personal experiences while showing his true passion. His ethos leads a values-driven mentality to seed a theory of change that is truly remarkable. Arj is a really gifted human being full of energy, drive, determination, emotional intelligence, deep knowledge, and expertise. His presentations and talks cannot be missed!”

— Dr. Dimitrios Salampasis, Director, Masters in Financial Technology, Swinburne University

“Arjun speaks very eloquently and is highly articulate. One of the most engaging speakers out there. Highly recommend.”

— Jahin Tanvir, CEO, ASE

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